Saddle becoming is hard due to the fact there aren’t any horses that are alike. Horses have been no longer made to hold a saddle, human beings invented the saddle, each horse’s again is extraordinary and each suit is specific.With a bare tree saddle fitting system you match the bare tree in your horse for the excellent suit possible.

Your Horse Could Be The Problem Not Your Saddle Remember that saddle match won’t be the problem. Your horse just is probably objecting to going riding or going up or down a hill and performing out in insurrection of doing what you are asking. And in any case, it is a lot less complicated to face in the pasture and devour grass and for the maximum element they’re lazy animals. So whilst he acts out while leaving the barn or happening a hill, it is probably mind-set and now not saddle fit. Make certain it isn’t always saddle healthy and any horse tack first, earlier than you cope with behavior.

Consider Other Problems Besides Saddle Fitting It can also be some other hassle Custom Weight loss like an antique harm, a hip being out, a terrible farrier, the incorrect saddle pad or bit, physical condition or any variety of other opportunities.

Poor Saddle Fit Can Cause Pain Eliminating saddle and tack as being the hassle ought to be considered one of your first steps. Many instances horses are blamed for terrible conduct while it’s miles tack or a terrible saddle fit that is causing ache and makes the pony act badly. When you in shape the naked tree in your horse, you will recognise for yourself that your saddle is a great in shape and that your saddle is NOT the problem.

Proper Saddling Is As Important As Saddle Fit Once you understand you’ve got the right saddle fit you also need to make certain it’s miles in the ideal position. Your western saddle must sit two palms in the back of the shoulder blade. This is wherein the tree should be positioned; the leather-based and pad will take a seat over the shoulder blade. The leather-based and pad is pliable enough that it will not limit the shoulder movement but the tree isn’t always. See our article that talks greater in detail approximately right “role of your saddle and right saddling”.

Proper Saddle Rigging For Saddle Fitting You also need to don’t forget your rigging and the way your saddle is cinched to your horse. Cinches that take a seat farther ahead of the saddle want to also have a rear cinch so that it will hold the again of the saddle from tipping forward. There are 4 positions in your rigging to be located and when ordering your saddle you want to recall which function is exceptional for your horse. The improvement of the “3-Way” rigging gives a few alternatives with cinch positions, generally permitting you to cinch in both the 7/eight, 3/four or middle fire positions. It offers options in order that the equal saddle will probable fit more horses. You can analyze more about rigging in our article “Saddle Rigging Basics”

Saddle Pads Can Make A Difference In Saddle Fitting Saddle pads and the exclusive kinds of substances they may be made from, can also purpose problems or can correct problems. Bottom line is to be open to trying various things, a slight trade in cloth or form could make large distinction in what works for your horse.

Seat and Balance Helps Your Horse’s Movements Another hassle may be the rider’s seat and balance. A rider can throw the horse off and purpose them to stumble and trip. Learn to transport, at ease and at ease with your horse’s moves in each gait. Yes, even the canter, especially the canter. Teach your self to trip secure, relaxed and balanced at the canter and it’ll enhance your seat and self assurance immensely.

Saddle Fitting Myths

1) A saddle need to fit perfectly all with the aid of itself, no matter what rigging or pad. This would be real in a perfect global but there are so many variables when fitting a horse. What works for one will now not work for another. The identical horse will loose weight or benefit weight, or sway back from age. So the saddle that after became a terrific in shape can alternate. And cinch and pad have a first-rate amount to do with the comfort in your horse.

Saddle Fitting Basics – Make Sure Your Horse Tack is Correct b